Sonim Xp7 The Ultra Rugged Smartphone

Now a days Most phones are designed to be thin and good-looking at the sacrifice of durability but Sonim had a phone that deviate from all of that but a phone that manage to be very durable would worth the investment so sonim introduced its phone sonim XP7 lets find out

Sonim XP7 Review

Sonim Xp7 Design

At this time mobile manufacture try make their phone sleek thin stylish but it is not the case with sonim XP7 it is the opposite thick bulky and feels like a brick in the hand as well as in the pocket  but it’s a reason behind it this phone was designed for people who live a very rough lifestyle and needed a phone that can keep up with them this phone far away for users who use casual phones like iPhone are other android phones the phone is made sort off indescribable for rugged users  the hard rubberized casing not only protect the  phone against the  most brutal drops but also makes phone resistance to puncture it can  also withstand corrosive chemicals and oils and sudden shocks and vibrations it has also IP68 certified which makes it resistant to dust and water for up to two meters for 30 minutes and IP69 for protection against high pressure temperature pressure wash  by this certification it makes it hell of a lot indestructible u can keep it beating up but nothing would happen to in terms for physical overview u will find the volume rocker and the right side with a red button to contact sonim’s emergency support line for workers(the service isn’t available for now but it would launch this year on the left side there is camera key ,a push to talk button and a very awkwardly places power button in my view on the front there are three physical buttons for back,home,multitasking we can also wake the display from the home button so that would cut down the problem of reaching the power button  on top there is a bright and handy notification light  accompanied by 3.5mm headphone jack  and a sim card slot  which are both covered by flaps held in by screws  the headphone jack is accessable without removing the screws but for sim card u would need to remove the screw with tool given in the box the charging port is located in the bottom which is a magnetic port instead of mini usb charging port which is kind of unfortunate  how Micro USB be easily available the speaker is on the front which is nice however  it is only one speaker and it gets extremely loud  the audio sounds are very hollow .

Under the hood

In terms off storage there is only 16 GB variant available with no option for expansion so u r somehow limited to 16GB with  and on web storage this somehow sounds like a drawback the majority of specs are of the midrange segment in terms of display it feels kind of bad its like we are 3 years back in terms of display the phone supports a  4 inch lcd panel with 800*480 resolution and 233 ppi which is very low and poor looking panel the colours seems to be washed out there is a lot of colour shifting while using the phone which makes it not good for gaming or media usage  the screen is also glove supported so it can be used by gloves . for the processing package the sonim XP7 support a Qualcomm snapdragon 400 quad-core processor cloaked at 1.2ghz and with 1 gb of ram as we know the devices running on snapdragon 400 have performance quite respectable as same with the case of sonimXP7  the phone runs on android os 4.4.2 kitkat.

Sonim XP7 Review Sonim XP7 Review

Sonim Xp7 Camera

The sonimXP7 supports a 8 mega pixel camera and as the phone is running on stock android  the phone have a stock camera ui  the picture quality came to ok at best the images were fairly sharp and with decent colour saturation the problem was that photos had a bluish tint and lacked dynamic range high dynamic range will help bring out more detail but it makes pictures more noisy

Sonim Xp7 Battery Life

It’s the only thing I like the most after  the build quality  the phone had a 4800 MAH gigantic battery life and with the snapdragon processing package it would not drain faster as well as the low resolution will also give advantage to battery life as more resolution there is more battery consumption it would last a week idle

Final Verdict

The sonim XP7 is designed for Canadian carriers like TELUS and bell but will work on t mobile and AT&T  LTE networks  it does goes for 650$ off contract which is very expensive for a mid range specked device so to really justify the price u have to won its rugged capability but it may  not be that price compelling so it’s a bit more pricey.

Xiaomi Mi4 a Mid Range Device with Flagship Specs

Recently xiaomi increased its boundaries to launch its phones outside china and giving a fight to the other manufacturers by selling high-end specs phone at cheap prices and recently xiaomi introduces its flagship device the Xiaomi Mi4 lets see what its packs.

Xiaomi Mi4 - Apple of China

Xiaomi Mi4 Design

The Mi4 joins the growing  line of phones particularly out of the Chinese market that are starting to support  metal in their frames The Mi4 comes with an apparently elaborately constructed metal frame that not only helps with sturdiness but also helps with its looks even the buttons on the right side of the phone are metallic and this time it is easier to reach power buttons that is now beneath the volume rockers follow the line around you would see clean elements that include the headphone jack on the top the Micro USB charging port on the bottom and the speaker that is also on the bottom the metal frame keeps the two elements together  that’s the obvious 5 inch screen and the glossy plastic back panel .Now speaking of the 5 inch screen we do have a pretty respectable thin bezel all around that really are not that big and gives the phone even better form factor of slenderness  underneath that screen there are the capacitive keys and an led light that is used primarily when charging the phone jump around to the back and the glossy plastic the phone comes in two colour variants the black one and the white one .The white colour back has simple outlook but it tends to make the phone slip from the hand a little now handling a 5 inch form factor is a breeze in Mi4 as compared to other phones especially the ones coming from the chinese market that have at least a half-inch more diagonally getting around with one hand is far from difficult due to the slim metal frame making it very easy to grip you would really feel the phone sturdy which is a common feel in the metal device sure it might look like couple of other phones out there but honestly when they happen the phone to look this good we are not going to complain.

Xiaomi Mi4 - Apple of China Xiaomi Mi4 (5) Xiaomi Mi4 (6)

Xiaomi Mi4 Display

While there are certainly  no problems with this 1080p display 5 inch display  that has 441 of ppi density these are numbers that we have grown a custom to see in phones having same screen size and caliber colours are quite vibrant and contrast allows some deep blacks making the viewing or even the gaming experience as good as they should be on a flagship phone the viewing angles are also quite good too with the image losing feudality only angles which are steeper than  what practicality dictates and if you closely around the screen you will notice a small black line that frames the image somewhat  adding to the overall bezel size.

Xiaomi Mi4 - Apple of China

Xiaomi Mi4 Processor

Under the hood Mi4 has also the same processor that we expect from a flagship device the Qualcomm snapdragon 801 cloaked at 2.5 GHZ with Adreno 330 GPU and 3 gigabytes of ram it’s certainly the kind of that you would need in order to do  everything from working to playing. Playing in particular was pretty good fun  on this device there were no slowdowns while laying high-end games .the phone has limited storage option a 16 gb or 32 gb internal storage option available but there is not any micro sd terms of battery it has  3080 mah battery  which would a last a day easily.

Xiaomi Mi4 Camera

Moving towards camera which is mostly a standard an affair  and another example of  xiaomi ticking all the right boxes for its Mi4 it has 13 megapixel is what you get in the rear and a 8 megapixel camera in the front  which is very great for selfie lovers the camera interface is very simplistic it can be changed from simple to advance which does add some settings but mostly removes the icon labels ultimately the functionality is like  with other  smartphones camera  offerings which offers burst mode  and even a  refocusing mode if you want to play with depth of field  camera quality is standard you can expect in broad daylight the images came out to be well detailed though might produce the occasion of photos which are too bright indoors the quality gets a little lower but it is common when there is less lights the images get little grainy and sometimes the colour looks washed out the front facing camera does produce some nice photos but the colour reproduction is somehow less for selfie lovers they would enjoy the image in higher resolution on the front facing camera but it does not bring anything extra ordinary to the camera.

Xiaomi Mi4 - Apple of China

Xiaomi Mi4 Software

The software is where the difference between this and other  flagship devices appear we have MIUI os on android which is somehow a fashion in skinning the android phones much of the people expect in  android is an app drawer which is lacking in the MIUI  os based on Android Kitkat and also the lack of google services in the chinese build but it’s not hard to install it yourself but the PlayStore is already installed on this phone the installed apps icons are available on the home screen as I mentioned there is not any appdrawer but  apps can also be arranged in folders  there are good transitions also a file manager with FM radio built-in but there is quite a while of customisation available on this phone like a power theme engine which gives different themes to change the look of the phone the notification bar can also be customised to show icons in row and grids or  some other information like current bandwidth speed the capacitive keys can be further used for further long press functions as well there.

Xiaomi Mi4 Ui

Final Vedict

The MI 4 is currently available in some countries but it is available for around 350$ which is very cheap comparing with other flagship devices having same specs it is somehow priced at its best for these specs in my view this phone is a very good phone and worth buying if u r looking for such specs and great features

Asus Zenfone 2 Features, Specs

ASUSTeK Computer Inc., known as ASUS, the  Taiwanese multinational giant and  one of the world’s largest computer hardware companies which came with a bang in 2014 by launching  its smartphone asus zenfone series at ces 14 the phones provided  good performance for price range and now at ces 2015 asus launched two new smartphones as successor of their zenfone series the phones seems to be a tough competitor in the budget price segment as well as in the mid range lets see.

Asus Zenfone 2 Review

AS of its predecessors asus came with its stylish design or saying it ergonomic arc design with led its other phones most stylish in their price segment but know asus zenfones has reduced the screen to body ratio to 72 percent and having 3.3 mm thin bezels and its brushed piece of metal at the end as a mark of their zenfone. The asus zenfone 2 supports a 5.5 inch full hd ips display with 403 ppi of density it has a curved back with glossy plastic and comes with different colour back options also with illusion back covers and its brightness reaches up to also have corning gorilla glass 3 protection.

Asus Zenfone 2 Looks

Asus Zenfone Features


The asus zenfone 2 supports a quad-core intel atom z3580 64 bit processor cloaked at 2.3 ghz it is available in two variants one with z3560 processor having 2 gigs of ram and z3580 having 4 gigs of ram with internal storage up to 64 gigs and expandable storage via micro sd card up to 64 gigs (the intel atom z3560 variant have 720p display) it results in 7 times more performance then its predecessor. It has a 3000mah battery and also fast charging provided charging up to 60 percent in 39 minutes.

Asus Zenfone 2 Looks


As we say about ui, asus zen ui  is one of the best skin used for android it provides tons of features with fast and fluid experience the new zenui runs on android 5.0 lollipop at top.

Asus Zenfone 2 Camera


The one of the main feature on which asus zenfone 2 was based was its pixel master camera which is now update with many new features like the low light made , backlight hdr and new beautification mode the camera ui is simple for use the zenfone 2 has a 13 mp auto focus pixel master rear camera with 6 elemental lens with dual tone flash  and a 5 mp front camera with aperture 2.0 providing 85 degree wide photo graph both the front and rear camera support low light mode or owl mode the front camera also have selfie panorama feature.


Asus had provided almost every sensor required as follows Accelerometer for rotation , proximity gaming, ambient-light for Auto brightness , gyroscopic , digital compass and Hall-effect sensors making it a good phone for all sensors.

Samsung Galaxy A5 a Mid Range Device with Metalic Frame

Samsung galaxy series was made for the flagship line of devices but there was always a complain about its plastic build which made it feal cheap and Samsung new addition to its design the metallic aluminium in its galaxy a series of devices.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Features with Flagship Specs

Samsung Galaxy A5 Design                   

The galaxy A5 light sleek and more stylish then Samsungs plastic build devices and feels more premium due to aluminum body  . still after the addition of aluminum the device feels light about  4.34 ounces. on the front you will find the classic samsung layout with the front facing camera and sensor and leds near the top speaker grill at the bottom the back and multitasking capacitive buttons with the home button samsung likes its layout there are still sticking with it too . on the back u have 13 megapixel camera which is located towards the middle which is accompanied by led flash on the left and loudspeaker grill the camera protrudes at the bak which make it unstable on the surface . On the right which is a awkward location as it get covered when keeping it on table or holding it in hand it gets covered which also makes the sound depth less on the right we have a power button and dual sim card slot with a micro sd slot  and at the left there is only the volume rocker and at the bottom we have the usb  charging port with the primary microphone and the 3.5mm headset jack . the phone has  is a super amoled  5 inches of screen size with 71% screen to body ratio and 720*1080 resolution with 294 ppi of density .the super amoled display is a great addition as it makes the display more crisp and vibrant colours were very good with very high saturation levels.

Samsung Galaxy A5Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung Galaxy A5Samsung Galaxy A5 Hardware

The samsung galaxy A5 packs a snapdragon 410 64bit quad core processor  that runs at 1.2 ghz  the gpu provided is adreno 306 with 2 gb of ram and 16 gb of internal storage  and option of expansion via micro sd is also available which can be expanded upto 64 gb the snapdragon 410 absolutely flies opening and closing applications works effortlessly and as far as the UI is concerned the touchwiz provide a good functionality and provide fluid experience as compared in snapdragon 805 devices .handling the UI is pretty simple task for this phone which is really a big surprise as everyone know about touchwiz lagging issues in terms of gaming heavy games tends to lag a little and there is a lag between switching between applications  as touchwiz  is a heavy UI but the 64 bit snapdragon 410 processor had hanled it well out of the box the phone is running 4.4.4 kit kat with touchwiz UI a highly modified skin on top of android . shockingly seeing on other samsung devices the phone did not have any of the bloatware yes there are some samsung applications like my files flipboared and other but less then the other samsung devices.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Camera

For some people the camera is the most important features to have samsung realises that and provides one of the best  cameras as well as camera features on the smartphone the A5 13 megapixel camera is a good shooter there is no shutter lag and provides cleaner images with good detailing  the depth of field images came out to be very good  the images came out to be bright and vivid and were well saturated  and in low light the camera also worked descently the images in lowlight came out to be very good but their was bit of a grain in the images  and sometimes they lack colour but beyond that its one of the better low light cameras on the feature side it has many features but less than the galaxy s5 their many shooting modes available in the camera and more can be also be downloaded from the store the front facing camera is 5 mega pixel ones just like the S5 the camera lacks details due to the camera lens  also beautify mode is on by default which somehow did not work very well in my view  there are many camera setting available to manually control the camera like ISO ,voice activated capture  and also hand gestures are supported in the camera.

Samsung Galaxy A5

Finally Verdict

In my view this device is good it is is a midrange device and running on a new 64 bit snapdragon chipset which is working effortlessly the camera quality is good and most of the times the the aluminium bezels which is somehow a appreciatable work of samsung taking step further towards a new design . if you don’t need high end specs  and a high resolution display  and at somehow right price the galaxy A5 is really considerable.

One Plus One the Flagship Killer

One plus is a new chinese smart phone manufacturer rising from the shadows with the Moto of never settle there is a lot of buzz about its first device the one plus one also named as the flagship killer as the supports high-end flagship specs without any argument for its cheap price. Lets see :-

One Plus One the Flagship Killer

One Plus One Design

Coming at the phone one plus one supports a 5.5 inch screen upfront is the screen with thin bezels all around that  not only covers a front facing camera up top but also a row of capacitive touch buttons which are not much illuminated much at all . around the sides you would see the button layout that consist of easily accessable buttons on the left and on the right the power button is just low enough so that it would be easy for you to reach it with your thumb to make the phone sleep ar wake hand pressing the buttons gives a tactile feedback the buttons are thin the top of the phone houses the headphone jack while the bottom of the phone has the dual speaker grill and a primary microphone with a micro USB port for charging and data syncing at the back you would feel the build quality of the phone the 13 megapixel camera the one plus logo and the cyanogen logo all are on a smooth plastic created by a company called cashew .the back cover is removable but there’s one issue with it the sim to should be removes first to remove the back cover .also many back covers offerings like wood and denim design is provided for the back by the company to completely change the look of the phone and when its come to handling you see that we are dealing with a phone that has a 5.5 inch screen which are quite similar to Samsung galaxy note three and oppo find 7 in dimensions but its one of the best looking and is easy to handle from the similar screen size devices.

One Plus One Display

Coming to screen a 5.5 inch 1080p IPS display with 401 PPI of density  bringing great quality to the display with this price point  as we know large screen has advantages as well like for watching movies even if there are issues trying to easily handle this large device media consumption is  undoubtedly fun with this display doing anything from watching movies to playing games is enjoyable on this device with good colours all around and the signature IPS brightness also allowed to increase further brightness for better viewing even in broad daylight 401ppi allowed sharpness in the text that could be expected with screen this good and on the screen that is large enough it is easy to read webpage and browsing is fun so the one plus one gets a plus point for its display.

One Plus One the Flagship Killer One Plus One the Flagship Killer One Plus One the Flagship Killer

One Plus One Performance

At the one plus one never settle campaign it was said that its devices would have the best processing package available at a great price and the one plus one did so. Under the hood the device supports the snapdragon 801 cloaked at 2.5 GHZ backed by the adreno 330 GPU and 3 gigabytes of ram which is a great surprise because even some of the flagships still use 2 gb of ram with same processing package  and not considering the price the company really stands on its saying for giving a flagship processing package available at that time.


One Plus One Software

we are conditioned to belief that affordable phones would not be the fastest one available but one plus is hoping to remove that trend and it certainly did so not just the processing package but also providing cyanogens os for this device getting around cyanogens mod 11s is a breeze and multitasking is easy jumping in and out from the recent app screen web browsing was also very good with no real rendering issues while scrolling deep through pages and off course the gaming experience was very well I have tested playing games like riptide gp2, asphalt 8 and other games but there was no lag as I just mentioned cyanogens mod is at the top of the android software experience but the software was also able to take advantage of the processor features as well for example the quick boot availability in the developer options allows you to turn of the phone like a hibernate mode yes the device will not full shutdown but it would help at the times of battery saving as it would wake up the os in seconds not like other devices taking time to boot also some app for audio settings providing presents and other features too and there is an option for getting software keys or capacitive buttons on the device but the most important thing is that many developers all around the world are working on cyanogen mod so their would be frequent updates for the device as for now the phone runs on android kitkat with cyanogens mod 11s on top specially made for one plus one(as for jan 2015 lollipop update for one plus one was announced and available to the developers)

One Plus One Hardware

we have talked about the processing package and the software and now there comes the storage the phone is available in two storage variants 16 GB  which is silk white in colour and 64 GB  which is sandstone black . the phone supports LTE bands for higher bandwidth speed.the call quality was good in my liking the call speaker grill produced low sound but the company said that it was working on it as it was a software issue and loudspeaker grill produced good sound. in terms of battery the phone supports a 3100 Mah battery which enough for a last a day for medium usage.

 One Plus One Hardware

One Plus One Camera

as move to camera one plus one has 13 megapixel camera backed up by sony exmor IMX214 cmos sensor and with cyanogens own camera software which comes with a lot of features built-in google camera interface many live filters and camera options like iso and auto exposure were given also the option to change video codec is also provided picture quality was good the colours were not saturated the pictures were well detailed and in the low light the camera worked good as much it could do the focus speed was good and in capturing there was not any shutter lag also 4k video capturing was available slomo is also available at 720 at 60 or 120 frames  per second the phone support a 5 megapixel front facing camera which worked nice and is good for selfie lovers.

One Plus One Camera

Final Verdict

one plus one stands out in each aspect to give a hard competition to other mobile manufacturers also due to its mid range price of 350 dollars but with the flagship specs the phone would  give a tough completion to other high-end phones and would be a mistake if other manufacturers does not do anything to compete with this device in my view the one plus one is one of the best affordable smart phone available and I would consider it for a best buy