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When it comes to a business, a website or a blog, the importance of a logo cannot be missed. The size and purpose of the entity you are creating does not matter, a logo is one of the essentials. A logo creates an identity for the entity, whenever you hear the name of big brands, you are definitely reminded of the logo that it has and the same is when you see a logo; essentially that is the impact that a logo should leave. I am not saying that nothing works without a logo, but if you want to be etched in the minds of people, a logo is must.

Now, the logo you decide upon needs to depict the essence of your entity, be it a blog, a website, a business or a non-profit organization. Now designing this logo is not simple and requires a lot of time, not forgetting the number of software one needs and the skills to use those software. Well obviously, you can outsource it and pay and get it done. But, getting a logo designed is very expensive, which comes with the clause that you do not know if you like the logo or not, but well once it’s done you will have to pay for it.

One might think obviously you’ll go to a good designer and be sure of their skills and only then decide to get the work done from that designer. But do you have the time to actually hunt for a good designer? Also, if the designer is good, he or she will definitely cost you a lot and when you are beginning with something new it is obvious that you would want to stay on a tight budget. Now let’s assume you are lucky enough to know a good designer and that person will also design the logo at low costs for you, what if you are not?

Well, don’t fret, there is this amazing website called logo123.com which not only makes amazing logos for you, but is also very cost effective. Well, you must be thinking that they must not be giving the copyrights, or the quality must not be good, all these doubts are valid, but once if you look at their website and go through their features, you are sure to use this website when you need to get one amazing logo designed for yourself or for someone you know.

 Logo123 Review

Logo123 Review :

Logo123.com is a website which works exactly like a freelancer would work for you, infact even better. Here you would have multiple choices to choose the logo design from, designed by three different people.


So here is how it works

You explain the kind of logo you are looking for, why you are looking for it and the particular specifications you need, if you have any. Now you will get six different logo options, yes you read it right, six. These six designs will be provided by three different people with each designing one logo for you. Now, you might think that this will take time, but it doesn’t. You will get your custom design logo with 60 minutes, yes 60 minutes or even less.

How does that happen?

Well anytime you go to their website, you will see that a lot of designers are available online, because these designers are available from all over the world and thus the problem of the time difference or working hours do not arise. Once you select the designers, these designers are available at you back and call. Will these designs be first available for free? No.

How much does it cost me?

You pay an amount of $19 and then you get to choose any three from the various available designs. How do you choose these designers? The portfolio of these designers, their previous designs and their description is very eloquently mentioned and thus you can go through them and select any three which matches to the kind of logo you want. You also get an option to upload a file or an image which relates to the kind of logos you are looking for so that the website can shortlist the kind of designers that have made similar kind of logos earlier.

Now if you are confused between the kind of concept you are looking for, you can even ask for logos of different kind of concepts, by paying just additional $5 for each additional concept that you want. The website claims that they make sure that they give the different concepts to different kinds of designers so that you receive a wide variety of logos which are made in different styles, so that you get various options to choose from.

Is it all mine?

Now supposedly you like some logo, and want to use it, you can get the copyright of this logo at $49 for each logo that you want copyright for. You only pay this amount if you want to use the logo. Remember do not use logos you don’t have copyrights for, it is a violation and can even lead to google de-ranking in case of a website. Along with your logo copyright, you will receive the high resolution PNG file, and vector source file of your logo.

It is natural that sometimes you will want to get a little modification done in the logo design you have settled for. Now it doesn’t matter if you have a little or a lot of modifications that needs to be made in the logo design, all you have to do is pay $20 and get whatever you want done, as many times as you want, unless you are 100% satisfied.

 Try it Now

Want to keep your logo private and not be shown to other people? You can do that for another $20 and this logo will not be shown to anyone else and will also not be included in the portfolio of the designer that has made it. All in all if you choose for everything, you get a logo designed in $108. I am not saying its very cheap but I am saying it’s not extravagant either.

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