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The list of Apple devices At WWDC 2015

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The list of Apple devices At WWDC 2015


Apples have an annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that will hold from June 8 to 12. The WWDC has been wonderful plus informative event for Apple and for the consumer electronics calendar.  This event is all about Apple’s plans, introduction of few exceptional features and its devices.

Therefore, are you all set to introduce yourself with different Apple devices with its features? Then check this post, which will reveal the WWDC 2015 has to offer what for the futuristic success of Apple.

  • iOS 9


Apple’s operating system has brought about certain changes through the invention of iOS 8. Apple always strives to do best and after the iOS 8 we expect huge upgradation from IOS 9. Apple is simultaneously focusing on a latest software release, rather than talking about existing features. The few expected features iOS 9 is carrying, that is Maps app updated with indoor maps and transit data for public transport and many more.

iOS 9 will give us a split-screen mode for the iPad, iPhone-based remote ignition to CarPlay. Apple always believes doing innovative so there is also music app to make it more rocking.

  • Beats Music Streaming



Beats Music Streaming is going to elude extra stuff to Apple. Apple will come up with Beats music streaming at California event. Indeed the major happening from Apple to provide to be the good source of news for the media. Streaming is becoming visual with time. ITunes services are also making its own way to making more upgradation and for the Apple developer.


Rumor has revealed that the fusion of Beats and iTunes will produce a single music platform. This will allow you to give service at a rate of around $10 per month.  Apple will remain in the competition to be in more light with existing streaming services like Spotify, which will produce its music lover plan.


  • Mac OS X 10.11


The Mac OS X 10.11 is the latest desktop operating system which is also going to be in the developers’ conference. Apple is in the midst of maximum latest features, but there will be link between Apple’s computing and mobile platforms, which will attract more people.


  • Apple TV


As Apple is coming up with multiple and innovative streaming services and it will certainly go great with television. Apple will disclose its latest hardware and more latest services for its Apple TV set-top box at WWDC 2015. It is also being rumored that Apple will in future unveil a television set in the next 18 months but nothing could be said with confirmation.


  1. New other devices


There is always a wait for hardware disclose at the WWDC for Apple. However, everytime there is no such thing come our way.


There are many more other devices that the people of the consumer electronics would like to see to gather info: iPad Pro, new version of MacBook Pro, and a 4K resolution iMac 21.5. Apple with 5K resolution iMac with a 27-inch screen, the iPad Pro long and Apple with already new version of laptop MacBook Air range earlier this year.


Any of the devices will come or not it is still not hallmarked.  However, as per the previous year’s which believe to be true that there will be always one announcement in the conference. Apple followers will really await the conference with the feeling that lot of things will be revealed. 




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