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Turn your phone into a LightSaber with this Google’s Experiment

Last Updated : December 29, 2015One Comment Filed Under : Google's Experiments

As Google keeps doing chrome experiments it has released an online game called LightSaber Escape in which one can use their cellphone as a Light Saber. This game is released as a promotion of the movie by Disney named ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’. google has done this experiment to show off what Google chrome can do. This game has pushed the limits of HTML 5 and JavaScript. This is one of the best experiments of google.

Have a look at the the short compilation of other Google’s experiment:

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Overview of the game LightSaber Escape:

LightSaber Escape is a web browser (Google Chrome) based game in which players must go to the Lightsaber Escape’s website and then opening the link given by them on the Google Chrome in mobile. Then the you can play the game by using your phone.

How can I play LightSaber Escape?

To play LightSaber Escape just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to this website.

Step 2: Once the webpage is loaded You’ll find a link like the screenshot below.

Lightsaber Escape

Step 3: Open the link in the Chrome browser in your mobile.

Step 4: Once opened, hold your device upright with both hands to calibrate and tap on INITIATE.

Step 5: Now to play the game use your phone as saber and protect yourself from the lasers.

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This is a very awesome game by google. As it was just an experiment, it a a very short game. Hope google will release many games like this in 2016. For more tech updates keep visiting the No.1 Tech blog Technothek.

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